Chef Michael Brady

Michael Brady’s love of food began at a young age. Born and raised in San Francisco, Michael first started cooking alongside his father and uncles at home. He later attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in San Francisco. Upon graduation, he worked for Chez Papa Bistrot in San Francisco and then Marché Aux Fleurs in Ross.

Paired with a deep appreciation for his craft, Michael’s own style brings a distinct elegance to the Marin County food scene. With the perspective that food is an art form, he strives to create balanced and sophisticated flavors in his dishes with creative and exquisite presentation.

Michael believes the best food is made simply with the best products, and one of the pillars to his cooking is using locally sourced produce and meats. He finds shopping from local farmers’ markets helps him stay connected to community members who supply the highest quality ingredients available.

Michael is delighted to present our guests with dishes of exceptional quality and looks forward to seeing you at Vin Antico.